Subject: Re: Library Versions
To: David Bryan Burgess <>
From: Space Case <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/24/1994 21:41:08
On Apr 24,  8:34pm, David Bryan Burgess wrote:
>> > I discovered that there are several versions of the shared
>> > object libraries in /usr/lib ([2489].0, for example).  Which
>> > ones are current, and which can I toss?
>> The highest number is the most current.  You can safely remove the other
>> versions as long as no executable references them.  When you build a new
>> executable, the linker should use the most recent one.
>> -allen

Thanks, Allen.  Since everything I'm running was rebuilt last week,
I've removed all the old versions.  Gave me enough room for another
test kernel. ;^)

>Do the executables know; as in could I (or someone that knows how to program)
>be able to write a program that would query the programs in question to find
>out which library they are using?  Like a change to 'file' (rampant
>featuritis notwithstanding)?

Seems to me that there is some command that tells which libraries an
executable uses.  All you would need to do, then, is to find the
executables, run the command on them, and run the output through a
grep and a sort, and voila!, a list of the used libraries. (Don'cha
just love Unix?!! ;)


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