Subject: Re: Library Versions
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: David Bryan Burgess <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/24/1994 20:34:46
> > I discovered that there are several versions of the shared
> > object libraries in /usr/lib ([2489].0, for example).  Which
> > ones are current, and which can I toss?
> The highest number is the most current.  You can safely remove the other
> versions as long as no executable references them.  When you build a new
> executable, the linker should use the most recent one.
> -allen

This begs kind of a stupid question (whic is my forte, BTW).

Is there a way to find out if 'no executable references them'?  The 
only way I could think of was a real hard way:  delete it and see what

While this would be kind of sadomasochitically fun to watch, is there a
(choose one: ) better, cleaner, safer, faster, nicer way to find out which
shared lib my programs are using.

Do the executables know; as in could I (or someone that knows how to program)
be able to write a program that would query the programs in question to find
out which library they are using?  Like a change to 'file' (rampant
featuritis notwithstanding)?

Of course this is one of those questions that I feel like I ought to know
the answer to.

Another is 'What on earth is the eon0 network interface?'  I have one now
and haven't quite figured out what it can do for me :-)...

TSgt Dave