Subject: Re: Binary snapshot
To: None <,>
From: John Booth <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/23/1994 05:00:31
>    But the thing I'm realy worried about is: why doesn't my self-compiled
>    kernel work? It dies in fsck...
> 1) What do you mean by `self-compiled'?  Do you mean you compiled it?
> >From what sources?  (Where did you get them and when?)
> 2) What do you mean by `died'?  Spewed a billion errors?  Hung?  (With
> or without disk activity?)  Panicked?  (What panic message?)

After compiling my source (my network card isn't recognized by either 
the pre-compiled binaries -- apr 3. and apr 16. although it is by my 
.09 binaries as a ne0 at 0x300 irq 9.) so I could use the net with 
the current source upon rebooting I rec'd the following message from 
my own compiled kernel

... normal messages here...
/dev/rwd0a: CANNOT SEEK:BLK16
Automatic file system check failed.  help:?

Here's what I compiled with on-- a intel 486DX/50 with 8 meg of ram, a 
generic vga card, running on two ide hard drives--one a fujitsu and 
one maxtor.  I can boot up fine on the Apr 16 netbsd-aha from  I really just want my network card to work, if it 
worked in the pre-compiled kernel I'd go with it.

# GENERICBT -- Generic machine w/bt driver -- distribution floppy
#   $Id: GENERICBT,v 1.4 1994/04/15 04:32:29 cgd Exp $

machine     "i386"
cpu     "I386_CPU"
cpu     "I486_CPU"
cpu     "I586_CPU"
ident       GENERICBT
timezone    8 dst
maxusers    20
maxfdescs   2048
options     FFS
options     "COMPAT_43"
options     "TCP_COMPAT_42"
#options    MSDOSFS
#options    KERNFS
#options    SCSI
#options    "MATH_EMULATE"
options     "COMPAT_NOMID"
options     "COMPAT_09"

config      netbsd  root on wd0 swap on wd0 

controller  isa0

device      pc0 at isa? port "IO_KBD" tty irq 1 vector pcrint
#device     com0    at isa? port "IO_COM1" tty irq 4 vector comintr
#device     com1    at isa? port "IO_COM2" tty irq 3 vector comintr
#device     com2    at isa? port "IO_COM3" tty irq 5 vector comintr

#device     lpt0    at isa? port "IO_LPT3" tty irq 7 vector lptintr
#device     lpt1    at isa? port "IO_LPT1" tty
#device     lpt2    at isa? port "IO_LPT2" tty

controller  wdc0    at isa? port "IO_WD1" bio irq 14 vector wdintr
disk        wd0 at wdc0 drive ?
disk        wd1 at wdc0 drive ?

controller  fdc0    at isa? port "IO_FD1" bio irq 6 drq 2 vector 
disk        fd0 at fdc0 drive ?
disk        fd1 at fdc0 drive ?

device      wt0 at isa? port 0x300 bio irq 5 drq 1 vector wtintr

#controller bt0 at isa? port "IO_BT0" bio irq 11 vector btintr
#master     scsibus0 at bt0
#disk       sd0 at scsibus0 slave ?
#disk       sd1 at scsibus0 slave ?
#disk       sd2 at scsibus0 slave ?
#disk       sd3 at scsibus0 slave ?
#tape       st0 at scsibus0 slave ?
#tape       st1 at scsibus0 slave ?
#disk       cd0 at scsibus0 slave ?
#disk       cd1 at scsibus0 slave ?

#controller ahb0    at isa? bio irq 11 vector ahbintr
#master     scsibus1 at ahb0
#disk       sd0 at scsibus1 slave ?
#disk       sd1 at scsibus1 slave ?
#disk       sd2 at scsibus1 slave ?
#disk       sd3 at scsibus1 slave ?
#tape       st0 at scsibus1 slave ?
#tape       st1 at scsibus1 slave ?
#disk       cd0 at scsibus1 slave ?
#disk       cd1 at scsibus1 slave ?

#controller uha0    at isa? port "IO_UHA0" bio irq 11 drq 5 vector 
uhaintr <---goes on above line....
#master     scsibus2 at uha0
#disk       sd0 at scsibus2 slave ?
#disk       sd1 at scsibus2 slave ?3
#disk       sd2 at scsibus2 slave ?
#disk       sd3 at scsibus2 slave ?
#tape       st0 at scsibus2 slave ?
#tape       st1 at scsibus2 slave ?
#disk       cd0 at scsibus2 slave ?
#disk       cd1 at scsibus2 slave ?

#device ed0 at isa? port 0x280 net irq 9 iomem 0xd0000 vector edintr
#device ed1 at isa? port 0x250 net irq 9 iomem 0xd8000 vector edintr
device ed2 at isa? port 0x300 net irq 9 iomem 0xd0000 vector edintr
#device el0 at isa? port 0x300 net irq 9 vector elintr
#device ep0 at isa? port ? net irq ? vector epintr
#device ie0 at isa? port 0x360 net irq 7 iomem 0xd0000 vector ieintr
#device is0 at isa? port 0x320 net irq 10 drq 7 vector isintr

device      npx0    at isa? port "IO_NPX" irq 13 vector npxintr

pseudo-device   ether
pseudo-device   log
pseudo-device   loop
pseudo-device   pty 32
pseudo-device   sl  1
pseudo-device   speaker

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