Subject: Re: Copyright
To: Gerd Truschinski <>
From: HD Associates <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/22/1994 19:54:08
> Moin, moin,           ( this is a sort of 'howdy' from germany)
> I don't know if this is the the right list but I didn't find a better one.
> I only need _pragmatic_ solutions.
> I want to release a new driver, based on the SCSI subsystem from Julian E.,
> and I need a good copyright for the source. This driver is part of my
> 'Diplomarbeit (master thesis)' and the institution I work for allowed me to
> put the stuff on the 'net' if their name was in the copyright. I need
> something like the BSD header - we have written it, do what you want but
> don't say that it was your idea - but I have used some structures from
> Julian E. (TRW Copyright MACH) and some stuff from files which are
> from other people (NCR, BSD...). It is not much, I can rewrite it, but it
> is no problem to mention them.
> If you know any better place to ask, tell me about it. If I get more private
> mail than mail from the list, I will summariese (sp?).
>    Is there any file like the 'FSF' copyleft for software which is real free?
>    Is there a official way to contribute files to BSD like TRW contibute
>    their files to CMU?
>    Am I allowed to modify the BSD copyright and put in our names without
>    notice that we have used the BSD copyright? Is the copyright free?
>    I need something that anybody allows to use my files, for tutorial
>    purposess, for commercial ones and so on. No restrictions, but the
>    copyright header or a notice has always to be included.
> Anybody who answerd could receive a good cookie receipt on demand....
> /gT/
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I use the BSD text and change it to "HD Associates", even
though some of it looks a little silly.

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