Subject: Re: arpintr
To: None <>
From: James M Chacon <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/20/1994 16:03:32
>> It seems that if you try building a kernel without ethernet,
>> the symbol arpintr is undefined.  I suspect a change to the icu.s
>> file may be to blame.
>> Any ideas?

>Yes, I have this same problem as reported earlier.  My kernel defines
>SLIP only, no ethernet.

Looks like the new bootp additions don't check for NETHER before trying
some things that are only defined in if_ether.c. I also had
nfs_vfsops.c fail on me for revarp_whoami in nfs_mountroot().

The change to icu.s is fairly easy since you can just add 

#ifdef NETHER

around the setup for _arpintr. Since with slip only it would be kind of
hard to boot diskless, is there any reason for the nfs_mountroot to
get compiled in without ether being defined? i.e. Instead of having to
check for ETHER everywhere, would just adding an option BOOTP to the
kernel be easier?