Subject: 3c509, current, and nfs
To: None <>
From: Tom Crockett <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/19/1994 18:54:17
I have finally gotten essentially current again after my disasterous
encounter with the changes at the end of March; trust me, you don't
even want to know.  If you're in a need to know read Michael L. VanLoon's
message regarding how to install the current binaries and kernel,
Subject: re: upgrading to current, Date: Tue, 19 Apr 1994 16:48:17 CDT.

Anyway, I now have a 3c509 card and can talk with a sparc 2 running
4.1.3.  I have the XFree86-2.1 shared installation on the sparc 2
nfs mounted to my 486 NetBSD machine.  The good news is that this
works!  However, after successfully compiling say, fvwm on the 486
and then trying to install, the network connection goes catatonic.
I can get messages that the sun server is not responding, which seems
to be true.  
timed says that acksend has no buffer space available and
ping to the sun says sendto: no buffer space available
wrote 64 chars, ret=-1.
I can write a file to the mounted file system with no problems using vi.
What would be a 'good' configuration for hostname.ep0 and fstab for
this situation.  I have no experience with pc ethercards.
The only way I can get the connect back os to reboot the 486.  Rebooting
the sun has no effect.
This is a 10base2 connection.  
hostname.ep0: inet coyote .... .... -link0 -link1
fstab: nfs rw,hard,intr
server /etc/exports: /usr1/netbsd-current/XFree86-2.1 -root=coyote,anon=0

Any clues?  Thanks.
Tom Crockett  619 789-9750 Ramona, CA, USA