Subject: Re: upgrading to current from 0.9
To: Robert L. Shady <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- Iowa State University <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/19/1994 16:48:17
>Mark Townley writes:
>> I just can't believe I'm the only person with this problem.  I 
>> currently have a vanilla netbsd 0.9 binary installation.  I am 
>> desperate to upgrade to current.  I have unpacked the current
>> source tree on my sparc 10 at work and NFS mounted it from my
>> NetBSD machine.  I do the following :

Robert L. Shady writes:
>The following steps will get you in the right direction, but perhaps
>the easiest way to do it would be to grab the binary distribution of
>4-16-94 off of and install it manually into
>your machine, then upgrade to current from there.

Remember that sun-lamp is a very busy machine and sometimes very
difficult to get into.  You should make people aware that there is an
official mirror on

Installing current binaries before installing and building current
source is probably the *only* way to upgrade these days.  There have
just been so many changes I'm not sure it's even possible to upgrade
from source only anymore.  Besides, going the binary upgrade route is
*much* easier (no messy incantations and sacrifices).

I would suggest getting the binary snapshot from (or
sun-lamp).  On iastate, it's in /pub/netbsd/NetBSD-current/binary/...
Then, copy a new kernel into place from the binary set, extract the
new binaries over the old (best done from single-user mode), reboot.
Then you can extract and build the sources without all the funny


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