Subject: Re: adaptec 1520/1522 drivers anybody?
To: None <,,>
From: Mark P. Gooderum <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/19/1994 15:41:27
>    I just got this pentium zeos box and it has an adaptec 152x scsi
>    adapter on the motherboard.  [...]  Is there a driver out there for
>    it?
> None that I am aware of, yet.

Jarle F. Greipsland has written a driver for the AIC-6360 chip which is a
slightly newer version of the chip used in the 1520 boards (the AIC-6260).

I rewrote the probe to be a little more generic and maybe work with a
6260 and coexist with common DOS drivers that alter the state of the chip
slightly.  He (and I) would love for somebody to test it with a 6260.
You can contact him at <> for code or info.

Once the driver holds up to some use after his recent changes for the new
autoconfig code, I believe he'll be submitting it for inclusion.

BTW, core team?  This chip has no easy way to find out it's configured
IRQ.  Currently these still seem to be in the structure passed in and 
being used, will this continue?  Otherwise the only way to probe is
keep trying to cause an interupt and then see if it occured, and there
isn't a real good way to do this without causing fits for the hardware
or other installed drivers.

IMHO...the irq, dma, and other syntax should be perserved and passed along
since there is a lot of hardware that doesn't have any good config registers
to get this from (many board's jumpers just are a n-way switch to the
appropriate bus line), and it's hard to write a brute force probe in a 
Unix environment (this gets worse with DMA lines...).  Just curious
as to what the plans are with this given the fact that most of the bundled
drivers to autodetect their IRQ and are supposed to.