Subject: Re: Can't boot into multi-user mode!
To: D. Jay Newman <>
From: Robert L. Shady <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/19/1994 15:17:37
> I'm having a bit of an emergency here.

I hate it when that happens.. ;)  I'm generally the pro at creating emergancy
situation with NetBSD-current..

> I recompiled most everything yesterday, and all was fine.  I could boot
> and run and everything.  This includes the kernel.

Great!  I am rebuilding everything from yesterdays SUP right now, I hope
it works good for me as well!

> Today I supped, and recompiled everything that had changed (except for
> the /usr/bin and /usr/sbin, I haven't gotten around to them yet).  I
> did *not* recompile the kernel today.
> I also replaced some of the stuff from /usr/src/etc which had changed.
> I then rebooted.

Hmm.. This is my next step if today works...

> It got to the point in the boot process (as normal) where it recognized
> my ethernet board, then it printed out (again, the next two lines are
> normal for the new kernel):
> biomask 840 netmask 200 ttmask 1a
> stray interupt 11

Interesting, this is the point where it is supposed to run INIT, then
INIT runs /etc/rc.  Check your disk to see if INIT is dumping core 
somewhere for some reason (probably incompatible binaries).  Also, check
your kernel to make sure you have "COMPAT_09" defined as an option.

> Then it dumps me into single-user mode, with only the root file system
> mounted (in read-only mode, yet).

Mounted "READONLY" since /etc/rc is what mounts it READ/WRITE, and your
not getting that far.  To mount it as read/write, just type "mount -u /".

> How do I get it to reboot into multi-user mode?

Check the above mentioned things, at let me know...  You may also want
to try grabbing the binary dist off of Sun-Lamp and install it.

> Failing that, is there a command to go properly from single-user mode
> to multi-user mode?

Yes, when you boot in single user mode (Ie: typing "-s" at the boot prompt),
all you have to do to go into multi-user mode is type "exit" at the shell
prompt, and init should start up, and take over from there...

> Please reply directly to me, because I can't recieve this mailling list
> until I get my machine running again.  I'm sure its something silly that
> I did; on the other hand, this same kernel booted just fine yesterday.

I hate it when that happens.. ;)

> I tried putting the stuff in /etc back to what it was, but I may have
> missed something.

Good idea to backup your /etc directory, as it get's whacked by the bin.
dists on sun-lamp.