Subject: Re: tape drives
To: David Bryan Burgess <>
From: Adam Glass <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/19/1994 10:29:36
> While it could probably be hammered into NetBSD, it kind of clashes with
> the 'multi-platform' flavor.  I'm not sure that something as completely
> PC specific as a floppy tape drive would even bee a particularly good
> addition to NetBSD.
> Dave Burgess

This statement is inaccurate.  the 'fd' driver like the adaptec scsi
driver, and other pc-device-drivers are inherently pc-specific.  So
what?  The alternative is to have no device drivers which obviously
wouldn't work.

We have no objection to floppy tape drive support,  we just haven't
gotten to it.  These tape drives are immensely brain damaged, but
cheap.  Support for them is non-trivial, and time consuming.

As always, please feel to do the work yourself.  We welcome submissions.

Adam Glass