Subject: Re: tape drives
To: Donald G. Yuniskis <>
From: Steve M. Acheson <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/19/1994 09:46:45
>While it could probably be hammered into NetBSD, it kind of clashes with
>the 'multi-platform' flavor.  I'm not sure that something as completely
>PC specific as a floppy tape drive would even bee a particularly good
>addition to NetBSD.

But we shouldn't limit ourselves to ONLY running drivers etc that are
supportable on all platforms!

Drivers should be available to add to the kernel for each platform to add
functionality that is available.  I agree that they should be sepperated from
the standard distrib, but let's not prevent functionality simply because it
only runs on a single platform.

Enhancements and tweaks for each platform should be available for those that
want to use them.

This all said with the typical ignorance of someone that hasn't written a
floppy tape device driver :-)


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