Subject: Re: Diskless Booting NetBSD/i386 ?
To: Peter Galbavy <>
From: Adam Glass <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/18/1994 00:01:02
> I know the FreeBSD people have this, so how difficult would it be
> to DTRT with NetBSD ? I mean I would not want to start hardwiring
> IP addresses etc into a kernel, to I would prefer a "correct"
> solution, which I am quite happy to try building if no one else
> has the time or energy...
> So, suggestions please, and then I'm off to hack :)
> Regards,
> -- 
> Peter Galbavy                                 work:

You still have to get your kernel loaded by whatever bootstrap
mechanism, but the hardwiring ip addresses into your kernel bit has
been removed.

NetBSD-current (as of an hour ago) will use a combination of bootp
requests and sun rpc, instead of explicit hard coded infromation to
nfs mount root and swap.

More information on how to configure all of this will be appear
tomorrow sometime.

Adam Glass