Subject: Prob compiling kernel.
To: None <>
From: John Booth <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/16/1994 19:32:47
I sent a message to the list a few days ago reguarding a problem I 
had with compiling the kernel.  I rec'd one reply and it was anything 
but helpful--it said 'compile the new config'.  I had already 
compiled the 'new' config before I had these problems--(config 
compiled fine--not even any warnings).  The problem I am having with 
the kernel is at the point it gets to 'loading netbsd' it then says
ioconf.o undefined symbol _wdccd
"                      "  _wdcd
"                      "  _fdccd
"                      "  _fdcd

I'm working with the Apr 3 binaries and source I ftp'd from on Apr 8.  I've untared lib, libexec, and include 
tars along with the sys.tar and share.tar (also the binaries).                               
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