Subject: Re: rumors
To: Drew Hess <>
From: Adam Glass <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/16/1994 14:32:41
> Can someone "in-the-know" address the rumors going around on Usenet about
> USL trying to halt distribution of Net/FreeBSD?
> -dwh-

Basically USL has been sending out letters to distributors of net-2
based software (Net/FreeBSD) that weren't covered in the lawsuit

These letters basically are threatening and want a cease of
distribution of net-2 stuff, since you can go to 4.4-lite.

However, 4.4-lite hasn't shown up, though it will any day.  We will do
a 4.4-lite based distribution, after it arrives + we complete
integration.  Some of the work thats being done now is preparation for
this phase.

I know people are a little worried about all of this, but it is all
really for the best.  Once we are 4.4-lite based, all legal issues
will be dead and buried forever.  Long live BSD!!!

This group has the skill, background, and determination to make the
integration as painless as possible.  I have great confidence in our
ability to pull this off.  Hopefully the user-base will be patient and
supportive as this transition takes place.

Adam Glass
NetBSD project