Subject: Questions
To: None <>
From: James Jegers <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/16/1994 12:37:40
   I'm trying to make a stripped down version of NetBSD that just boots in
   2meg, has no swap space, and just runs one program.  I have some problems.

   1.  If I configure a kernel without a console and comment out the section
   in i386/conf.c which makes the console a serial port(I need the serial ports)
   the kernel boots fine but when running /etc/rc it seems to hang.
   I looked in dev/cons.c and it appears that the console is supposed to
   work even if there isn't a console.  If I go in dev/cons.c and in all
   the places in read/write where an error is returned when there is no 
   console then /etc/rc runs and the network is enabled.

   2.  I wish to run on a machine with 2meg, and get a message saying running
   in degraded mode..  degraded what?  What don't I get if I run in 2meg.

   3.  I only need the access the disk drive once--to load my one program--
   so I don't need any buffer cache.  What parameters can I tune to cut
   down the buffer cache size?  NBUF? Where should I modify it, and what is
   a good number.

BTW: In case anyone is interested, I'm planning on runnig NetBSD in an 
embedded system booting off an EPROM(I already wrote the driver).  I  know
NetBSD isn't a real stable operating system, but it beats DOS! :-)