Subject: Re: a couple of IMPORTANT things...
To: Chris G. Demetriou <>
From: James M Chacon <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/15/1994 22:27:27
>(1) fs types are now names, rather than numbers, which they used to
>	be.  COMPAT_09 will buy you binary compatibility; put it in
>	your kernel before you upgrade your kernel or user-land
>	sources, or you will be screwed.  After you've upgraded, you
>	can toss it again, if you like -- i'll try to warn people
>	when changes are made that would require it.

Is this gonna require an entire rebuild of user land sources again? Or, just
things like mount,fsck,newfs, etc?

>(2) (1) allows LKM VFS's to be rationally used; check out the code, if
>	you want to know the diffs.
>(3) i warned you that if you'd upraded your tree during the very
>	hectic period a couple of weeks ago that you'd have about 2
>	weeks to get your tree upgraded before i pulled some plugs...
>	Well, I'm going to do that this Saturday, after the tar files
>	have been made.  within another two weeks after that, if
>	you're running -current right now, you'll NEED to upgrade
>	again.  If you've not yet done the first upgrade, DO IT NOW,
>	or you'll be somewhat SOL after this weekend -- yes, the
>	binary snapshots will prolly be useful, but...

Are you going to be increasing the shared library numbers again? In other
words, should I wait before rebuilding X again?