Subject: Re: Snapshot Report - 9th April tar_files
To: None <>
From: Alistair G. Crooks <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/13/1994 07:34:03
> >Any problems during make: 
> >Well, my system seems to have become spontaneous-reboot prone again. 
> >There were 4 whilst I was compiling /usr/src/lib/, and all happened
> >during the nroff phase on the man pages.
> >6.  I ran a make in /usr/src/share, (which was rebooting on me
> >before).  That also gave me a spontaneous reboot when run with a
> >kernel with DDB in it, and it didn't go into the kernel debugger. 
> I see one common thread here: groff.  I think that groff is unique in
> that it is the only part of the distribution written in C++.  I'd be
> interested in seeing the results of you issuing 'setenv NOMAN', then
> recompiling /usr/src/lib and /usr/src/share again.

I removed the 1524CF that was installed in the box (not attached
to any peripherals), and that had the floppy jumper switched to off,
and I was able to run *everything* fine. It's still testing the rvm
routines that I use as the crunch-test, after 3 hours of intensive
paging to and from swap and disc.

I think the reason that groff must have tweaked this is its memory
requirements, which seem to be big - thus causing paging to the swap
area, and bye-bye pumpy.

This also shows that the Adaptec SCSI driver isn't as forgiving as the
older one was.

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