Subject: Slip lockups still
To: None <>
From: James M Chacon <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/13/1994 05:54:36
I got a snapshot of the source from Monday and rebuilt the
entire system here, but I still seem to be getting lockups whenever I
try and run slip.

Is it required that I have 16550's to get slip running correctly? I plan
on buying them as soon as possible, but until then I'd like to run
slip as best I can. I seem to do fine initially, until either large amounts
of data try to come across the line (ftp's), or something else on the bus
like the HD gets real busy. Either way, I will generally see a silo overflow
and then the serial line locks solid.

Getting into ddb and setting breakpoints on slinput does show it still getting
called sporadically, but it never process's anything anymore. Is there a
known problem with silo overflowwing the serial card and the driver stopping?