Subject: Re: your mail
To: None <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- Iowa State University <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/13/1994 00:48:26
mycroft writes:
>   [...], if I telnet into my machine via term it shows my machine's
>   name as just an IP number, [...]
>This was a design decision in the new telnetd.  If the host name is longer
>than ut_host, the IP address is used instead.

Ah, I see that now.  It never occurred to me that it would be telnetd
just not using the hostname.

I can certainly understand the logic in this scheme if you're seeing
hosts from many varied sites.  It's really the only way to know for
sure exactly what host they're from.

But almost all my hosts will be from one of two places, with a handful
of hosts.  In cases like mine, I'd really prefer for it to show the
first UT_HOSTSIZE characters of the hostname instead of the IP#.  I
can extrapolate the rest in a second in my head.  I'd rather not have
to dig or nslookup every host I see.  I think this could really use an
option flag on telnetd.  If I decide to just see partial hostnames on
my machine, I can have telnetd called from inetd with the appropriate

Does this sound ludicrous or useful?


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