Subject: Problem with slip...It keeps locking solid
To: None <>
From: James M Chacon <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/10/1994 23:56:52
I just upgraded to the current binary snapshot on iastate last week,
and have a current kernel as of Sat. The kernel boots fine and all, but
one persisting problem I've had under current is that slip no longer
works for me.

I don't have very good serial ports right now (82450's), so I'm trying
to run slip at a low baud rate just to get it running till I can buy
some 18550a's. I can't get 9600 baud to work reliably, and I tried stepping
down to 4800, and it worked longer, but still locked up.

What seems to happen, is that I will get a silo overflow, and then after
that the serial port is locked up and slattach is unkillable. The only
way to get the serial port back is to reboot. Kinda messy and such.

Any ideas or comments from others running slip with current would be