Subject: None
To: None <>
From: Donald G. Yuniskis <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/10/1994 21:59:00
   I _think_ I posted this before but can't be sure (the mind is the
first thing that goes...)
  Regarding 3 Apr 94 (i386) binaries:
/etc/disktab   first 2 of last 3 lines of "floppy5" need escaped newlines
               as terminations. Also, "Connor" should be "Conner" throughout.
date           if current date is Standard Time and new date & time are
               Daylight Savings Time, the time is interpreted as if it was
	       Standard Time which causes the time set to be off by one hour.
	       The reverse is also true (DST to ST). (Try it, you'll see...)
Documentation nits:
who(1)	       "/var/run/wtmp" should be "/var/log/wtmp" (2 places)
users(1)       "/etc/utmp" should be "/var/run/utmp"
banner(6)      default width should be 132 instead of 80
termcap(5)     incomplete sentence: "Number of lines on the"
termcap(5)     the "np" flag is not documented (cf. "Pc" in gettytab)
/usr/share/mk/bsd.{lib,prog}.mk should change "*.core" to "core.*" (i think)
Absolutely (yeah, sure) lastly:
AHBTEST, BTTEST and UHATEST (as of 3/27/94) still refer to second wdc0 disk
as "wd0" instead of "wd1"