Subject: Absolute minimum needed to run
To: None <>
From: Robert Shady <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/09/1994 08:57:52
Okay, we decided to pull our SLIP server off of our main box (for several 
reasons), and throw it on a 386SX/25 w/40MB hard drive which we will use
for a terminal server & router.  I know FreeBSD has a single floppy with
the entire system needed to run as a router, what do we need?  I want to
run NetBSD-current on this system (actually, I just want to install current
on this system, after that, it will most likely go un-upgraded for quite
some time unless major problems are fixed).  If someone could please let
me know what libraries/binaries/etc to include, it would be appreciated.

It will be running as follows:

386SX/25 w/4MB RAM
Domain Nameserver
Single SLIP line to the Internet
Three Dialup lines to 28.8k modems
All ports 16552's.
NE2000 Compatible ethernet to the rest of the network.
40MB IDE Hard Drive
1.44MB Floppy drive
Monochrome monitor
Voicemail card & custom voicemail software... ;)  
  (Why not make it our VM system too?)

Does it sound feasible?  I know it's pushing it, and if I could figure out the
stats on the above config, I would (Ie: CPU time, etc).  I am working on 
modifying it so that when someone dials/telnets in, all this system does is 
forward them to a machine on the ethernet as follows:
   1) Find a machine that is up
   2) Find a machine that has the lowest Load Average at present
   3) Forward immediately to that machine.

Questions/Comments are VERY much appreciated.  Currently we have all of the
above running on our main server, which is really a drag since we have this
other box just sitting here.  I know it may sound stupid, but this is really
the way I want to go, and I will upgrade the CPU in the near future if needed.

		-- Rob (