Subject: Re: time for port-ppc?
To: None <,>
From: Shao Ai Wu <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/08/1994 02:55:47
>cgd writes:
>>some guy writes:
>>> However, there are multiprocessor PCs (short for mpc)
>>> available  quite cheaply.  My question is,  is  there
>>> enough interests in parallizing the NetBSD kernel?
>>yeah.  buy me one of those 'quite cheap' machines, and i'd
>>be glad to work on it!  8-)
>I wondered about this two.  The PowerPC CPU (and Alpha) are supposed
>to be twice the performance at half the price of an Intel CPU, and we're
>supposed to believe a two-CPU Intel box is going to be "cheap"?  ;-)
>				--Michael  
I am not trying to start a debate on RISC vs CISC -- boring topics.

The prices of a computer is something more than the prices of the
CPU.  For last few years, RISC people keep saying RISC processors
are cheaper to build, yet they haven't proof their points.  PowerPC
seems to be a real Intel killer.  Hey, MCA was supposed replacing
the cheapy AT Bus (aka ISA bus) but did not.

You can get a dual i486DX2/66 (with 16 Mbyte of RAM) for $3,800.
You can also get a dual Pantium for a pretty reasonable price.
Call VTech and/or Ambra to find out.

shao wu