Subject: Re: time for port-ppc?
To: D. Jay Newman <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/07/1994 14:05:59
> *much* rather see a port concentrate on the Power PC Reference Platform
> (PReP) machines that will come out.

[ This really should be on port-ppc ;-) ]

One does not preclude the other.
At the widest scope, there are two major efforts required to get a port
running--the processor-dependent and the device-dependent.  The first
can be used for the PowerMac, the current AIX PPC workstations, the
future PReP, and anything else that enters the playing field ;-)
The second will be more specific.

I'd like to see something like the current
sys/arch/{m68k,amiga,da30,hp300,mac68k,sun3}, but with ppc, like:

BUT, I'd like to see more stuff in ppc than there is in m68k, now.  Starting
from scratch, it should be possible...

So who's working on putting an a.out backend on gcc's RS/6000 target?  ;-)


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