Subject: Re: fs inconcistancies at shutdown
To: None <>
From: Mark P. Gooderum <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/07/1994 10:21:53
> I originally thought it was just my strange system, but a new machine I
> installed also exhibits this behaviour:
> Doing a 'halt' and then restarting always find problems with the root
> fs. Doing 'fasthalt' just stops it from checking, but the same
> problems are there.
> Is there a race condition in the file system / shutdown stuff ?
> I have been seeing this since last year, upto current sources.

Hmmm, I've run into exactly the same problem.  It's always one or two 
unreferenced inodes with a common size and mode.

Just for fun I did an fsck -n right after logging in and syncing and guess
what?  Those funny little lost inodes are already lost...

I haven't bothered to look at what they are or contain, recent priorty has
been getting rolling a regular backup schedule, I just got my first set
of working level 0 dumps last night.  After 3 months of tracking current
with no backups and no major mishaps (yeah I'm young so I'm suposed to be
stupid) I figure I'd better quit pushing my luck before making the jump
to the this current (I'm still at about March 15th).

Anyone else seen this behavior?