Subject: Re: Source tar files on
To: None <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- Iowa State University <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/06/1994 16:35:10
>Yesterday morning the mirror on had tar files with
>binaries from 4/3/94, and sources from either 4/3 or 4/4.  This
>morning, the binaries are still those from 4/3, but the sources are
>from 3/27.  What gives?

I have no idea.  I assume the core team removed the 4/3 sources
because of a bug or something. just faithfully
mirrors whatever is on sun-lamp -- I don't control what it retrieves.

I noticed that new source tar files were just put on sun-lamp an hour
or so ago.  As soon as the scanner runs on sun-lamp,
will pick up the changes a half-day later.  That will either happen a
little after 3:00am CDT or 12:00pm CDT tomorrow (depending on when the
sun-lamp scanner gets the updates finished).

>I just loaded the 4/3 binaries (upgrading from a fresh install of
>0.9), and things seem to work ok.  [I haven't tried much, though,
>including not having run a compilation at this point.]  I wanted to
>download the current sources, and attempt a full compilation, but the
>sources have apparently reverted back to last week's.  (I had part of
>them from yesterday, but my Internet provider went flaky, and I lost
>most of them before I could finish downloading them.)  I don't see
>much point in compiling sources older than the binaries, especially
>with the off_t business...

I agree.  I'm pretty much running the stock 4/3 binaries until things
settle out a little bit.  Maybe the new source tarballs will work
better for you.  You can get them from sun-lamp today, or get them
from tomorrow.


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