Subject: current binaries and system recovery
To: None <>
From: Tom Crockett <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/06/1994 13:15:24
Having had a crippled system since the 3/27 source chgs I
decided to try the april 3 binaries.  Looking back I have 
a better idea as to where I went wrong, but attempting to
install them resulted in disaster.  The system only has
320 MB total and during extraction of the tar files it felt
that the disk was full.  Maybe yes, maybe no.  Combo 64/32
bit datastructures tend to give ambiguous replies.  Anyway,
the machine can boot to single user where is fails with
bad system call invoking fsck on /.  No I don't have backup.
The kernel is from march 25 and does not have ether card
or nfs support.  This was the major reason to try and get 
a new kernel built.  I would not like to have to start over
with NetBSD-0.9 Aug93 version. 
Any ideas, suggestions?
Thanks, Tom
Tom Crockett  619 789-9750 Ramona, CA, USA