Subject: wd trouble
To: None <>
From: Frank van der Linden <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/06/1994 00:47:09
The improved wd-driver (i386) seems to make most people happy. Of course,
I just _had_ to get in trouble with it. My system (unknown-brand
multi-I/O + IDE controller, one ST3283 (233Mb), one ST3120AT (102Mb),
all on an OPTI 386/40 board) does not seem to like it. wait_for_un_busy()
in wd.c always times out, it never gets the right status, apparently.

This results in resets that fail, and a failure to find the root device
at boot time. Just to make sure that I wasn't doing anything wrong
with config(8), etc, I tried the netbsd-bt kernel from the latest
snapshot: same result.

I'm not sure which change in wd.c caused this trouble; I had not
upgraded this particular system since Feb 7th. The wd-driver
works fine on 2 other systems I use. This bug prevents me from upgrading
at the moment, so if there's a fix, or just a hint as to what I should
try to remove it: I'd be very grateful.

- Frank