Subject: Re: ar,ranlib,ld
To: Andrew Wheadon <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/04/1994 13:29:12 (Andrew Wheadon) wrote:
> pcvt doesn't give me 24 lines if I try to edit a file and Ctrl-F
> doesn't work but if i use 'j' then the other lines appear.
> ps doesn't work either but thats because of the new kernel and
> recompiling doesn't work because of above problem.

That's because your tty speed is set to 1200, by default.

Ignore the instructions in the pcvt docs to change the default
gettytab entry to use "np" instead of "ap".  I've found this screws up
other things (such as hard-wired terminals).  Instead, leave the
default alone, and add an entry for Pcvt:

Pcvt|Pcvt console:\

And then make your ttys file contain lines like this for each vty:

ttyv0   "/usr/libexec/getty Pcvt"       pcvt25h on secure

This also assumes that you've added the pcvt termcap entries from
isa/pcvt/Etc to src/share/termcap/termcap.src, and rebuild the termcap

Note: this is all just a hack I use to make pcvt work for now; it's
not pretty.  I actually think pcvt should use the standard vt220
termcap entry if at all possible.

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