Subject: Re: Using Term for sup
To: Space Case <>
From: Michael L. VanLoon -- Iowa State University <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/04/1994 09:19:07
>Many thanks to those who have replied; I'm still not out of the woods
>I have changed my supfile to point to localhost, and have attempted to
>route through localhost, but still when I run sup, there is *no* activity
>on the modem.  Some configuration details:
>127.1           localhost wormhole
>current release=allsrc host=localhost hostbase=/a/anon_ftp base=/usr prefix=/usr backup use-rel-su

Do you have a line like this in your /etc/resolv.conf?

lookup file bind

That tells it to lookup the name for localhost in /etc/hosts before
trying to find it through a nameserver.  Also, you might try to make
sure somewhere on boot-up (or manually) that this is getting done:

route add default localhost

>command on remote node:
>% term -r -n off
>local commands:
>(run as root with TERMDIR set as / )
>term -v /dev/tty00 &
>tredir 871
>sup -s
>Response: total silence.
>Steven R. Allen -

It looks like just about everything else is correct (assuming term is
functioning for other traffic).


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