Subject: Faster src access via modem?
To: None <>
From: Mostyn R. Lewis <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/03/1994 20:46:29
I have a home grown mechanism to get current srcs by comparing FTP listings versus
local listings which is much less time consuming than sup over a 14.4K phone line
connection. To work it uses tar to get the updated files, so as to preserve the
file times. This presupposes a wuftpd, which you run. However, for the humble modem
connection to be reasonably efficient it would be nice to be able to FTP compressed
files (.Z or preferably .gz). Sun-lamp only does straight "get <file>.tar" and does
not allow "get <file>.tar.Z or get <file>.tar.gz".

Is it possible to change this?

A ftpconversions file like -

#strip prefix:strip postfix:addon prefix:addon postfix:external command:
 :.Z:  :  :/usr/bin/compress -d -c %s:T_REG|T_ASCII:O_UNCOMPRESS:UNCOMPRESS
 :-z:  :  :/usr/bin/compress -d -c %s:T_REG|T_ASCII:O_UNCOMPRESS:UNCOMPRESS
 :  :  :.Z:/usr/bin/compress -c %s:T_REG:O_COMPRESS:COMPRESS
 :  :  :.tar:/usr/bin/tar -c -f - %s:T_REG|T_DIR:O_TAR:TAR
 :  :  :.tar.Z:/usr/bin/tar -c -Z -f - %s:T_REG|T_DIR:O_COMPRESS|O_TAR:TAR+COMPRESS
 :.gz:  :  :/usr/bin/gzip -d -c %s:T_REG|T_ASCII:O_UNCOMPRESS:UNCOMPRESS
 :-gz:  :  :/usr/bin/gzip -d -c %s:T_REG|T_ASCII:O_UNCOMPRESS:UNCOMPRESS
 :  :  :.gz:/usr/bin/gzip -c %s:T_REG:O_COMPRESS:COMPRESS
 :  :  :.tar.gz:/usr/bin/tar -c -z -f - %s:T_REG|T_DIR:O_COMPRESS|O_TAR:TAR+COMPRESS

would do the trick! (Usually kept in /usr/local/etc)

Of course, this assumes tar is a GNU tar (tar could be gtar or whatever in the
ftpconversions file if it has another name)