Subject: Re: pcvt vs pccons
To: None <>
From: Mike Long <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/02/1994 23:15:46
>Date: Sat, 2 Apr 94 15:57:50 -0700
>From: (Joel M. Ward)

>i decided to hack up pccons to add ANSI colors and a Meta-key and i was about
>to change it to actual vt100 emulation instead of that horric pc3 thing.

I used to be able to use my keyboard's ALT key as a meta key in
emacs-19.19, a few months ago.  Either upgrading to emacs-19.22 or
console/pccons changes since then have changed something so that ALT
doesn't work that way any more (it's like I'm not pressing it at all).
I don't know which chunk o' code is the culprit, though.

Does the pcvt in the latest kernel work?
Does it have the Gateway/Phoenix keyboard problem?
Can I use ALT as a meta key with it?
Will I be hosed by the off_t changes if I grab just a new kernel and
  config, and use them with a system that is otherwise 3/19/94?
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