Subject: pcvt vs pccons
To: None <>
From: Joel M. Ward <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/02/1994 15:57:50
i tried pcvt and found it had way more stuff than i needed/wanted nad not some stuff that i did.
i decided to hack up pccons to add ANSI colors and a Meta-key and i was about
to change it to actual vt100 emulation instead of that horric pc3 thing.
(this work's been put on the shelf until i cna get a new kernel to compile :)
i read a post about pcvt being put into the kernel.  does this mean i should
just throw my hands in the air or keep working?  I mean, are there any
internal problems with pccons, or do people just hate it cuz of the pc3 /
only one virtual terminal stuff?

 - Joel