Subject: Latest binary tar files
To: current <>
From: D. Jay Newman <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/01/1994 18:45:50

I'm having trouble booting with the latest netbsd-ah from the latest
binary snapshot.  I get half-way, and then everything just disappears.
I can't see exactly what the message was before this.

I also noticed that this binary snapshot seems to have disappeared from
sun-lamp.  Is this because it was found to be bad?

I can't compile a new kernel on my own, because I forgot to compile
the stuff in /sys before I installed the new includes, and now something
dumps core whenever the build gets to that part.  Of course, since I
don't have a new kernel, I can't build my new libraries and tools.

Does the netbsd-aha have support for the adapetec 1742, or should I
use the other (non-existant) kernel?

I even tried putting in the latest boot-blocks I have, but was given
the message:

"Bootstrap doesn't leave room for disklabel".

I suppose I have to wait until another binary snapshot is made before
I can try bringing my system up to speed again.

Oh well, I still think netbsd-current is a great operating system.
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