Subject: Problem with dynamic linking
To: None <>
From: Len Burns <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/01/1994 10:06:39
Beginning with the binaries from March 5, I have been unable to get a
number of programs to run.  Make is a good case in point.  When I call
make I get "make:" and then nothing.  It does not die and does not
issue an error message.  I can hit ^c and terminate it with out
comment with no harm done.  I ran ldd on it and the behavior is
identical: "make:" and nothing.  I know ldd is working from using it
in other places.  I recompiled config to static linking and it works
normally.  Each time I have made certain that the libraries I am using
are in sync with the binaries.  I am getting similar results with the
March 30 binaries with make and a number of other things.  Probably
something out of sync, but whatever it is I am missing it.  Appreciate
any suggestions.