Subject: Re: CD-ROM driver stopped working.
To: current-users <>
From: Burgess, David (TSgt) ~U <BurgessD@J68.STRATCOM.AF.MIL>
List: current-users
Date: 04/01/1994 09:14:00
Oops, sorry.

Mitsumi CD-ROM driver.

At least I think it was Amancio.

THere was a flurry of messages through here for about three days maybe a 
month ago.  He sent the message to the here, and I followed up with a simple 
little change.

I tried (last night) to apply the patch file I had created (in case the 
driver source went away in a SUP) and it wont apply.  There are too many 
differences for the two files to be merged at this point.

Sorry about the confusion.

From: mycroft
To: BurgessD; current-users
Subject: Re: CD-ROM driver stopped working.
Date: Thursday, March 31, 1994 10:08PM

Huh?  SCSI CD-ROM, Mitsumi CD-ROM, ...?

   I was using the new code that Amancio sent in a few weeks ago [...]

I don't recall any such code, but if someone sends it to me I will look
at it.