Subject: forw: screend on BSD/386 is now available
To: None <>
From: Evil Pete <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/01/1994 02:57:12
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From: Tim Guarnieri <>
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 1994 21:39:40 -0800
Subject: screend on BSD/386 is now available

Almost one year ago, I sent out mail to these two lists indicating
that Paul Vixie & I had successfully ported Digital Equipment Corporation's
packet screening daemon (screend) to BSD/386 1.0.  I also mentioned
at that time that there were a number of licensing restrictions and
other matters that needed to be worked out before we could release our

Over the course of the past year, a number of good things have happened
which make the public release of our port possible.  In brief:

- - We've worked through the licensing issues with the folks in DEC
  Palo Alto.  This is all documented in this release and you
  should read it very carefully before using the software. 

- - We've thoroughly tested it on BSD/386 1.0 and 1.1 and have it
  running in a production environment.  Much thanks goes to the
  folks who participated in the alpha test of our port.  Their
  comments, patches, suggestions, and overall patience contributed
  greatly to this release.

- - Some bugs were fixed and some features were added.  Again, this
  is documented in this release and you should read about these
  items before using the software.

We realize this has been a long time in coming and that many of
you have asked in public forum and private e-mail when it was going
to be released and we kept saying "soon".  For this we must apologize,
however, the time was well spent.  Our port is now very stable and
has some new features that folks on these lists will likely find
quite useful.

The release can be gotten via ftp from in:


There are two lists you can subscribe to for future discussions
of screend:

The users list is for general use questions/issues; the workers
list is for folks who want to participate in the development and
maintenance of screend itself.  All requests for list membership,
etc. should be sent to the appropriate -request form of the above
aliases and not to the lists themselves. 

If you have questions on the release, please direct your mail to
one of these two lists.

Tim & Paul

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