Subject: Re: pms.c (was: Help required: no lib crypt installed ...)
To: Eric S. Hvozda <>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/31/1994 22:31:56
> BTW, I have a pms.c I used under 0.9 which works with -current no
> problem.  Could we get this in the source tree?  The pms.c which is out
> there is stated (At least in the 19Mar94 ALL file when I looked last) as
> BROKEN.  This one seems to work fine...

Same here -- I also have a version of the pms.c driver which works fine for
me (not sure it's the same version -- the version I have was at one time
circulated on current-users).  I have also begged for it to be included
instead of the current broken version, but have been met with deafening
silence.  Not a word.

Last time I begged I received a couple of "can I have it too, please"
messages, and I recently heard back that at least one of them had it
working on different hardware than mine.

Could someone from the core team please speak up on this issue?

- Havard