Subject: Re: if_ep not working...?
To: None <>
From: Simon J. Gerraty <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/31/1994 09:10:39
I'm following up to the group rather than individually - incase this
is of general use...

Herb Peyerl <> writes:
> >From the ep(4) manpage:
>      Some models of 3c5x9 have all three connectors on them.  In the case of
>      these cards; you must configure the transceiver type with the configura-
>      tion disk before the link0/link1 flags will operate correctly.
> This is a rather *interest* way of configuring this card but it appears
> to be a necessity. Note: this is only in the case of the 3 connector card.

I'm afraid it only has aui/utp.  Which is lucky as I have no idea
whether there is a config diskette for the machine handy...
I did try all sorts of combinations of link0,link1 but none appeared
to work. 

Also, Michael L. VanLoon <> writes:
>>should have ensured it was using the UTP.  I get no ep0 timeout
>>messages so it appears to be catching interrupts ok...

> Are you *sure*?  I would double and triple check *all* the hardware
> settings on your ethernet card, IRQ, I/O addr., etc., with what the
> kernel was config'd with.  This is what is usually the problem 99% of
> the time.

I agree.  So I went a looked at if_ep.c to see what values it uses
from the hardware config... isa_epprobe appears to check that the irq
is correct (matches the config).  We know the IO address is correct
because we can talk to the board through it - to get the ethernet
address etc...  IO address and IRQ appear to be the _only_ config
items used, so unlike if_ed etc there appears not to be much to get

In anycase epwatchdog should be reporting lack of interrupts...