Subject: Re: ip filtering
To: None <>
From: Danny Thomas <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/31/1994 08:50:49
>Robert Crowe writes:
> > There is a program called screend, which has been ported to bsdi.  I
> > think it too difficult to port this code to NetBSD, but I haven't really
> > looked at it much.   I seem to recall the model was as follows:
>Quick addition to this thread...
>The author (who shall remain nameless at this time)  annouced today
>that he is in the testing phase for his latest 'screend'.

on a philosophical note and without any comparisons of the packages, I'd
much rather run DrawBridge on a dedicated PC attached to the fibre coming
into my building. Impact of high traffic filtering/routing on the UNIX
might be of concern to *some* sites, but I'd rather do the filtering before
it can get to my machine(s). I guess host-based filtering is most
appropriate for single-host sites, eg homes, where the cost of a separate
but basic 386 is hard to justify.

Danny Thomas

PS the DrawBridge compiler had a few places where they weren't converting
from network to native byte order, but at least these didn't leave subtle
filter holes. The DrawBridge either doesn't start or drops all packets. I
guess this slip-up is easier to make with the relative demise of VAXs. That
was until the explosion of 386-based unices.

PPS on a list-admin note I composed a Reply and nearly posted it without
checking the return address. Should the Reply field be set to the list
rather that the person sending the original message? I guess that depends
on whether it is felt best to encourage threads to be conducted via email
with summaries posted to the list.