Subject: Re: NETBSD & SLIP Connects
To: None <>
From: Hagen Finley <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/30/1994 22:12:38
>On Mon March 28, 1994 Hagen Finley wrote:
> >         I hope you'll pardon what is probably a FAQ. I am a new imigrant to
> > the UNIX domain and have set up a PC (486 66mz 16MB ram) with the march
> > relaease of NETBSD. I also have X windows running. I have been able to log
> > on to my unix account via tip but it looks like I lack the files I need to
> > establish a HIP SLIP connection. If I tip to the annex port and type PPP I
> > can log in but then the handshaking appears to be one-sided (that is my
> > machine lacks the protocol configuration to respond and SLIP me in. There
> > is a host file which appears to suggest I should have a file or two in /etc
> > which configure my machine for SLIP. Thanks!

        This issue does not appear to be very interesting to the group.
Possibly someone  will take pity on me (&  and explain
how one obtains the SLIP files and configuration which my system appears to
lack. I've already pressed the question with the inhouse people at UC
Berkeley and they directed me to your group.
        Another (possibly more credible) problem - I have a ATI Ultra Plus
video card with 2MB ram and a bus mouse which is connected to the video
card. When we were trying to configure X windows we could not figure out
how to address the mouse since apparently it is not located at any of my
com ports. I have X windows running with a two button MS mouse on com0
tty00 - which is does the job - but I would prefer the 3 button
functionality of the ATI mouse.

Hagen Finley
Berkeley, California