Subject: Best way to download current binaries using NetBSD-0.9?
To: None <>
From: Michael Bryan <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/29/1994 12:14:52
What is the best way to download the binaries for NetBSD-current, using
a system which is currently running NetBSD-0.9?  I do not have a direct
network connection, but do have dialin access to an account on an Internet
site.  I've transferred the binaries onto that system, and now wish to
download them to my NetBSD system.  Naturally, there are problems.

I didn't notice a way in "cu" to allow me to run "rz" with the dialin
port --- if there's a way to get that to work, it's probably the best
option, and any help there would be appreciated.  What I *have* tried
is booting up under DOS, and using ProComm/Zmodem to download the
files to my DOS partition.  I can mount that partition under NetBSD,
but there seems to be a bug somewhere, as most of the files end up
having an incorrect checksum.  I know the files are getting onto my
DOS partition correctly --- other files I download have no errors
whatsoever.  And they are also correct on the Internet site.  It looks
like NetBSD-0.9 is not reading the DOS filesystem correctly.  (I even
tried splitting the 14MB into 148 100K files, and from these, only
about 30 had the correct checksum once they got to NetBSD.)

I suppose one other option is to put all of the files onto floppies,
and use mread to read them back.  A bit of a hassle, but at least it
should work.

Any suggestions as to what will definitely work, and not take an
inordinate amount of time?  Thanks for any advice...

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