Subject: Re: XF86_S3 2.1 server and mmap
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/27/1994 18:45:48
> I just upgraded to XFree86 2.1 and noticed the following server
> startup message:
> 	checkDevMem: warning: failed to mmap /dev/mem (Invalid argument)
>         	linear fb access unavailable
> I recall a recent message indicating that /dev/vga should be mmap'ed
> instead of /dev/mem. Is anyone working on this? I assume that it's not
> as simple as changing the reference from "/dev/mem" to "/dev/vga"?

It's correct.  XFree86-2.1 tries to map the 4mb aperture using
/dev/mem.  If it can't, it maps the 64kb aperture with /dev/vga
instead.  Currently, it is not possible to map anything other than the
64kb aperture with /dev/vga, although that would certainly be a valid
thing to explore in the future.

As soon as NetBSD supports mapping of physical addresses above ram
using /dev/mem, XFree86-2.1 should use the 4mb aperture.  It may have
been added recently (I saw a commit message to that affect).  I'm
still using current-940319, since I've been swamped with XFree86 stuff
recently, so I'm not sure.

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