Subject: NetBSD support on R6
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/27/1994 17:33:13
I'm getting a lot of people asking whether NetBSD == i386 in the
changes we've made for R6.

We've done the best we can to separate these two.  In particular:

 1. __386BSD__ no longer gets defined for NetBSD (this was in XF-2.1).
 2. exists, and pays close attention to the __i386__ macro.
 3. All changes outside of the xfree86 Intel-specific-stuff for NetBSD
    use __NetBSD__, instead of __386BSD__ or anything like that.

No attempt was made to actively support NetBSD on another
architecture.  The problem is that only X Consortium members are
allowed to look at the R6Beta code, and XFree86[TM] doesn't support
non-Intel architectures at this time.  Furthermore, none of us had
such a machine to test it on.

However, I'm confident that the changes required will be relatively

I'm beginning to regret bringing this up.  Please don't bug us about
this.  We are too busy as it is.

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