Subject: NetBSD-current won't boot
To: current-users <>
From: Curt Sampson <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/27/1994 12:18:22
I'm having the usual trouble booting up the March 5 build of the
GENERIC-AHA kernel. It goes though the startup routine as per normal
but finds the following board (which isn't in my system):

    ie0: unknown AT&T board type code 0
    ie0: can't map 3C507 RAM in high memory

and then gives me one or two

    wdc0: extra interrupt

messages and just sits there. (It does this whether I do a multi-user
or single-user boot.) The strange thing is that the first time I'd set
up this disk it did boot into single-user mode just fine. When I tried
to go to multi-user, the display would just echo characters, but I got
no login prompt. I'd noticed that /etc/ttys was set up to go to the
vga device, and I thought that having a herc. monitor I might have to
change it to console. Unfortunately, the only way to reboot at this
point was with the big red button, and when I started up again I
discovered that my entire root filesystem was toast. :-( I recreated
it, and that's when my problems started.

Curt Sampson
Fluor Daniel		  604 691 5458
1444 Alberni Street
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