Subject: uucp not working?
To: None <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/26/1994 11:56:43
I just upgraded from a mid-february kernel to yesterday's sources.
UUCP now dials out alright, but when the phone answers, it becomes unable
to write to the serial line ("ERROR: write: Input/output error").  I assume
this has something to do with modem control now being more fully supported,
so there may just be some kind of configuration tweak to perform, but something
may be wrong here.  I've got the modem configured for normal DCD handling,
I think I will try "pulse low after hangup" mode (Telebit &C2 mode) and
see if that helps.  Does anyone else have UUCP over a modem working,
and can you offer any advice?

I also note that neither init nor getty makes use of the documented
"local" flag in /etc/gettytab, meaning that I can't use my Z29a terminal
until I make a new cable.

A configuration-time (or better, run-time and per-port) way of
changing the default serial modes would be awfully handy.  Literal
compliance with POSIX serial-line handling is not something to be
proud of ;-).

John, (and, except that until I work this
out I can't get mail at that address ;-).