To: None <>
From: Robert Shady <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/20/1994 09:18:17
 Okay, I just re-supped the whole tree on the 18th, and the kernel now 
 compiles fine again, I must have hosed something.  But a problem I have
 been having for quite some time now is if I compile in the debugger,
 the kernel will reboot immediately, if I leave it out, it seems to work
 just fine... Any suggestions?
 With the com ports, as everybody knows, I have been running with a 02-27-94
 kernel (I couldn't get the latest to compile until yesterday).  I have now
 upgraded, and the new com ports seem slower & I get ALOT more SILO overflow
 messages than I did from the 02-27 kernel.  I used to get 1 SILO error over
 a period of several days, now I get them pretty consistanly... Anyone have
 any suggestions? (Besides get lost? ;)
 		-- Rob