Subject: Re: Linux/FreeBSD sound driver v2.4
To: None <>
From: Drew Hess <dhess@CS.Stanford.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 03/18/1994 12:10:30 writes:
> > I got the FreeBSD-current version of the Linux Sound Driver v2.4 to compile
> > under NetBSD-current in about 40 minutes, including compile time.  So far
> > I've only tested the /dev/audio device, which plays .au's, and it worked OK 
> > except that it cuts off the last half-second or so of the .au when I cat
>                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Sounds ;-) like the old dma buffer problem. In the previous version one had
> to patch the driver (soundcard.c? - can't remember exactly at the moment)
> to use a 4k dma buffer.

There's a block of code in soundcard.c that has a lot of #ifdef's that
uses a 4k buffer size for FreeBSD.  I'm pretty sure that the version I've
compiled is using a 4k buffer to, but I'll take a look at that.

> I've installed v2.4 two weeks ago and it crashed my system :-(
> Did you change anything ? From where did you get the driver ?

Didn't really have to change much, just a few things to get it to compile.
I got the driver from
isa/sound (just tar up the whole directory); then you also 2 include files
from src/sys/i386/include (soundcard.h and ultrasound.h) and src/sys/conf/

As soon as I get the "cut-off" problem fixed, I'll upload the source and
some instructions on how to hack it into the kernel to some site.