Subject: Re: Shared libraries and crypt
To: None <,,>
From: Shao Ai Wu <m-sw2360@HAPPY.CS.NYU.EDU>
List: current-users
Date: 03/18/1994 13:26:42
>> The biggest benefit I've thought of for crypt being shared, which I
>> have not heard mentioned, is that people doing binary distributions of
>> things like xdm can stop worrying about US export blah blah hoo hah
>> and just distribute a dynamically linked binary.
>On the contrary; I would urge all usanians to ignore this stupid regulation,
>so that it will be revoked when the powers in force finally realise
>how rididulous it is.
>And remember: usanian juries may find a defendant not guilty, even if
>s/he really broke a law but the jury finds the law unjust. But this
>is never pointed out to them. Or at least, that's what I heard.

That translates into encourage people in the USA to break laws.
There are many laws and regulations are "stupid", but one has
to follow.  It is not a good idea for anybody to test the system
because he/she thinks that law/regulation is "unjust".  The bottom
line is, if you killed somebody, and hired a real slick lawyer,
you will be sure you can walk [out of the court].  However, if you
want to test a law is just or not, you will be nailed down
"unexpectedly".   This kind of law breaking is hardly be interesting
enough to dominate a few weeks of national headlines, attract movie
makers, TV show producers and Broadway show producers (Sex stories are); therefore,
you will be a loser by default unless you are as rich as Bill Gates.

Contrary, you might want to urge the non-usanians to ftp the DES
files (i.e. crypt.c) regardless what the US law says since the
files are publically available.  After all, what can a US law
do to an "unknown" foriegner when he/she breaks the "stupid"
and "unjust" law slightly.  Remember, you can always pretend
not knowing there is such a restriction, and/or "mis-ftp'ed"
the files.

Who is using DES type of encryption for serious data protection
any way?  It is not secure enough for anything with a "top" prefix.

Shao Wu

  I am not encouraging anybody to break any law in any way by any