Subject: Re: Upgrading from 0.9 to -current (3/15)
To: None <>
From: Mike Long <>
List: current-users
Date: 03/15/1994 20:32:40
>Date: Tue, 15 Mar 1994 18:14:46 -0600
>From: "Douglas K. Rand" <rand@Aero.UND.NoDak.Edu>

>Here are the problems I've encountered so far. If anybody has any
>suggestions on them, I'd appreciate it. Especially the libg++ problem. 
>   o The stdio/strerror.c doesn't declare a __strerror() function, but
>     the one in string/strerror.c does. So I just used the strerror.c
>     in the string/ directory.
>	string/: $Id: strerror.c,v 1.2 1993/10/09 00:11:01 jtc Exp $
>	stdio/:  @(#)strerror.c	5.6 (Berkeley) 5/4/91

Make sure that you 'rm -rf /usr/src' before untarring the -current
sources there.  Whenever you unpack a tar.gz, you should clean out the
destination first.

>   o all the .c files reference the .h files in the subdirectory src/.
>     I just made all the .c files first, and then edited them by hand.
>     (Yes, I know better, but what the hell.)
>	$Id: Makefile,v 1.8 1994/01/20 23:04:13 jtc Exp $

I didn't know that the 0.9 rpcgen had this problem, I thought it came
later...try building and installing rpcgen *after* you build
gas/gcc/ld but *before* you try to build librpcsvc.  Let me know what


The rest of these look like you forgot to install the -current include
files.  'rm -rf /usr/include' and 'make install' in /usr/src/include
*after* building make, tsort, etc., and installing the new .mk files,
but *before* you build anything under /usr/lib.
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